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Our Story
Here we are, excited and looking forward to having the privilege of taking you on a
wondrous journey, showing you what is home for us, visiting places that we know very well,
and sharing with you food that will make you lick your fingers, drinks that will make you
lose your worries, music that will make your feet dance, colors of sunsets that will always
remain on your retina and overall joy for all of your senses and we would be so happy if we
were able to enjoy all of this with you.

About Romania

Romania can be considered as being at the confluence of four major European cultures – From the west, the Habsburg, and later the Austrian culture; From the east, the Slav culture, from the Russians and from the south, the Ottoman and Greek culture, and as Romanians, we consider ourselves to be at the very centre of Europe.

Why Choose Us

Strong respect for cultural diversity

We have travelled to over 60 countries on all the continents so we understand different perspectives and have a strong respect for cultural diversity.

We understand the opportunities each form of travel can offer

We have also travelled in various ways from backpacking, cruising, staying in hostels and expensive hotels to being out in remote areas having only our own tent with us so we understand the opportunities each form of travel can offer.

We are locals

Both born and raised in Romania, so who knows the land better than a local ?

Special locations

We have already travelled to all the places we will visit on these tours and these locations were picked because we consider they have something special about them.

Great hotels & restaurants

We also handpicked all the hotels and restaurants for each day as we like to pay attention to details.

Good customer service

Previous working experience in tourism industry in ski resorts, cruise ships, amusement parks and travelling through various counties across the globe helps us understand what good customer service looks like.

Childcare support

2% of the profit goes directly to childcare support.

We strive to meet your individual expectations

We are enthusiastic to have you over as our guests and we understand each person is unique and we will strive to meet and exceed your individual expectations.


We are open to any suggestions, feedback or need as flexibility is something we use every day.

Last promise:

And finally, we promise we will lock Dracula in the basement while you are here !


Contact us

We are happy to answer your questions and give you more details about Romania and our tours.